Friday, March 14, 2014

Looking Back !


   I remember back about ten to twelve years ago when we first moved to Culpeper County Virginia we camped out on our 65 wooded acres of property. The house was being built near the top of Scott Mountain and we were camping down near the bottom. We had about one acre pond and the kids would picnic there often.
     We had this old fashioned carriage the kids would load up with a toy refrigerator and some other provisions, packed a lunch and they (Joseph, Robert, Heidi and Jeremiah) would hike down and around to the pond with Chewy our chocolate lab following them. Gabrielle and I would duck behind the bushes and follow them. Jeremiah was only about 2 years old and Heidi 4 years old. Both Joseph was 9 and Robert 7 were not the most reliable to babysit. They would stop the carriage at the top of the hill overlooking the pond and have their lunch with Gabrielle and I looking on. 
      After they were finished they'd load everything back on the carriage and take the same path back to the campers we were living in. This was done daily and sometimes more than once. There was just something about eating a picnic at the pond.  They loved it !

     Most of our food consisted of campfire hot dogs, chicken tenders from Walmart and cold cut sandwiches until the stove and oven were repaired inside the biggest camper. We had a campfire almost every night for cooking and then for burning trash.  Needless to say a lot of work went into the meal preparations.  It was easy to find squaw wood for building the fire, just a hassle to get it started at times. 

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